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Do not let your business wallow in obscurity in the 21st Century. Zawatu Safari provides you a number of features that will propel your business to success.

Business Profiles

We are in the Internet Age. Users are searching for your business online. Listing your business here on Zawatu Safari is FREE. This allows your potential clients to get you easily online.

Contact & Location Information

Is your business located in town? Would you like to pinpoint where your business is located on a map? Zawatu Safari allows you to place a marker on an interactive Google Maps™ just for that.

Optimized Business Pages

Search engine optimized pages are of paramount importance for proper ranking on all major search engines. Every business page on Zawatu Safari is optimized for your business to be found easily online.

Content Hubs

With the advent of Content Marketing it has become important not just to sell to your users but also to educate them. With Zawatu Safari's Content Hubs you can leverage the power of Content Marketing to educate your clients.

Event Calendars

Events are a good way to grow your clientele. Having a sale? Place that on calendar. Having a conference or a training session? Place that on a calendar. Any important business event be it a fun day can be listed on your business' event calendar.

Upcoming New Features

We are constantly working on improving the platform for you as well as planning on adding new features that will ease doing online business in Africa. Some of these features include E-commerce features, Merchant accounts & payment gateways.

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